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Secure Websites

Establish trust in your site with a secure SSL certificate

A secure website will give your visitors a sense of security as they browse or buy from your site. Google Chrome these days is flagging sites without an SSL certificate as unsecure (you’ll see the little padlock icon up by the web address in the browser if it is, or a ‘Not Secure’ warning if not), and recommending that users do not enter sensitive data, which is good advice from an end user point of view, but very damaging for an online shop.

With cybercrime rates rising year on year, it just makes sense to protect your content and protect your customers online – you wouldn’t ask your customers to entrust their data on a site you wouldn’t trust yourself.  And as of 2014, Google have been actively promoting secure sites with better rankings over unsecure sites, so as well as being the right thing to do by your customers, it’s good for your SEO too and can help your site ranking.

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