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Responsive Websites

Your customers are going to reach you in many ways – if they can’t view your site on the device they use, they can’t buy from you

Long gone are the days of one desktop computer being the only way to browse the web. Everyone has a mobile phone now capable of connecting to the internet, and chances are it’s not the only device you use that can – think X-Box, Playstation, Kindles, along with more traditional means – meaning that it’s essential to have a website that works well no matter which platform is used to access it.

Responsive websites scale up or down to work within the dimensions of the browser window, ensuring a smooth browsing experience over any platform and making sure your customer’s first impression of you on the web is the best one. Better site usability means your visitors are more likely to stick around, and as of 2015, Google have been actively promoting sites with responsive design over non-responsive sites in the Google listings, meaning it’s good for your SEO as well.

If you want to see it in action and you’re on a PC or laptop, try resizing this browser window with your mouse – you’ll see the elements resize and arrange themselves to fit the browser to give the best possible experience.

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