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Branding / Photography

Who are you online? Make your first impression count, and make it last

People want to know what you’re about, who you are, a face to the name or a view into your world. People are visual and visitors to your website will make decisions about how they see your business in seconds. It’s important to have an identity, a logo that represents your website and what it’s about in one small graphic

We work with Photoshop and Illustrator for logo design to ensure a clean, transferable, scaleable vector image that sets the tone for how your brand will be perceived. Think Coca-Cola, Apple, Nike – clean, simple designs that remain consistently recognisable across all their products and bring to mind their products with that one simple design. It’s a busy world out there – give people something simple and visual to associate with your brand. We work with you to understand the nature of your business to provide a visual stamp that promotes what you are about, instantly identifies your brand and can be used across the board, be that invoicing, literature, business cards.

The perception of your business is also dependent on how you present your business on your website. While we all have cameras in our pockets these days, high quality, professional photography will present you in the best possible light and make that impression of your website all the more impactful.

We can take photographs of your products, your retail location, your staff, – whatever best conveys what you are about. Choosing to present yourself in the best light will connect with your customers in a way words never will, and can turn that ‘maybe’ into a ‘yes’.

We shoot on Nikon full frame with a range of lenses and lighting options should you require it and can travel within a 50 mile radius of Belfast

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