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Beautiful Websites

Visitors to your website will make up their mind about it in a split second – make that second count, and every one after it. 

People are going to form an opinion about your business based on how your website is visually within seconds. Be that with your branding, imagery, photography, layout – they’re all essential elements of the whole package and each is as important as the other – but if one is off, the whole thing falls apart.

People have come to know what to expect (roughly) in a specific type of website so we work with a general overall aesthetic in mind – does the website immediately let you know what the business is about? Is the main, prominent image high quality and represent the values of the company? Are the fonts and colour schemes used in keeping with the vision of the business? Is the website styled in a way that reflects the company branding?

This study found that website visitors, when delivering feedback about a website and what parts were important to them, only 6% of that feedback was about the content. Furthermore, poor design on the homepage meant the website visitor was unlikely to continue to explore the rest of the website. Make the first impression count and make that feeling consistent across your website. We give your customers a reason to stay with beautiful, easy to use design.

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